You’ve spent months planning your dream wedding and you’ve thought of everything… or have you? We’ve been a part of many weddings, all special in their own way, and we’ve picked up on some important tips to pass along to future brides. Here are five overlooked wedding day details to add to your to-do list.

    1. A “Day-Of” Contact Person for Your Vendors

As the bride (and groom) you’re going to be pretty busy the day of your wedding. There’s A LOT to do and you likely won’t have your cell handy if multiple vendors are calling with questions, get lost on their way, or have something come up. We always recommend a contact person for the day-of who can deal with these things and take that stress off of the bride so she can (hopefully) relax and enjoy her big day. This person may be a wedding planner, a maid-of-honor, the mother-of-the-bride, or even a very helpful aunt.

      2.  Lighting

This is especially important for outdoor weddings that aren’t at a traditional venue (a backyard, a park, the woods, etc) or take place in the evening. It’s also an easy one to overlook when the ceremony is taking place in the daylight. We would recommend testing the lighting at least once to see if more lighting is needed. Simple additions like string lights, up-lighting, lamps, chandeliers, or even a camp fire can make a big difference.

     3. Food

We’re not talking about food at the reception, hopefully you didn’t forget about your caterer. 😉 We’re talking about food before the wedding. Sometimes brides are nervous and/or busy and forget to eat anything all day. Please don’t faint at the altar! We recommend getting some finger foods for the wedding party to snack on as they get ready. We’ve done a lot of meat and cheese trays with rolls for sandwiches, as well as vegetable relish platters and other appetizers to combat the pre-wedding hunger.

    4. Kids

First of all, are kids invited to the wedding? You may want to make this clear to your guests. If they are, did you include them in the count for chairs and for your caterer? Do you want to have a kid’s table with activities or leave it up to their parents to watch and entertain them? Do you want to provide child care for guests bringing children? These are all options to consider! A cute coloring book with crayons can go a long way with both kiddos and the young-at-heart.

    5. Lastly, A Knife for the Cake

Not kidding. We’ve seen this happen many times and now we try to bring an extra knife just in case. Don’t forget your knife and spatula!