About H&M Meats And Catering

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; to provide an authentic old fashion barbecue catering experience utilizing only the highest quality ingredients provided to our customer at an affordable price.

We offer a customizable menu that can be dressed up or kept casual for all types of events. We guarantee high quality food and a stress-free event. Our events range from tailgate parties, backyard barbecues, corporate events, weddings, and holiday parties. We started in 1963 as a meat shop and we have continued that service ever since. For the do-it-yourselfer our shop is stocked with most of your favorite custom meats from tenderloin to chicken, pulled pork to bacon. We also offer custom cut and pack services, locker beef and bundles.

Our History 1963-Today


Clyde was called to Active Duty by the National Guard for 9 months.


  • After returning from Active Duty, Clyde began cutting meat in his garage  (S. Powerline Rd.) at night after his shift at H.H. Keim Co.
  • His butchery  experience  was gleaned from years at H.H. Keim Co. and Nampa Packing Co.


  • Al Malson,  a salesperson  at HH Kimes came on board as a partner to form H&M Meats.
  • H&M was relocated to 9th Ave. in Nampa.


  • Al Malsom was bought out by Clyde.
  • Partnership was dissolved  on good terms.


  • H & M Meats was incorporated in the State of Idaho.
  • H & M Built a new shop at 509 2nd St S, Nampa, ID 83651 which included:
    24+ employees
    Large boning operation
    1 employee  quartering while 6 employees  (3 on each side of the boning table) boned the quarters
  • H&M sold boneless beef to the McDonalds processing center in SLC, provided seafood and poultry products to Buttery Food stores, Associated  Foods and many independent outlets in SLC.  Also, providing hamburger patties to several Wendy’s  in the Treasure Valley and Magic Valley.
  • H&M also sold beef bones to Armour Foods in Nampa.


  • Armour Foods sold to ConAgra
  • H&M loses bone contract with ConAgra and Meat business  declines.


  • H&M Sells the 2nd St. Location
  • Clyde begins working out of Meridian Meat Packers primarily producing burgers


  • H&M opens retail location in Meridian
  • Catering business begins to increase


H&M relocated to Garrity Blvd in Nampa


H&M builds new location at 209 N 11th Ave. N. Nampa, Idaho


Hutchings purchase H&M in December of 2015 under Hutchings Enterprises, LLC

Meet Our Crew!

We’ve always been a family run and operated business. Now there are two families involved; the Hills and the Hutchings. We’re a tight-knit group working together to make each event run smoothly.

Adam Hutchings

Boss Man AKA The Dishwasher
Adam is the new(ish) owner of H&M Meats and Catering! He worked for the Hills in high school and loved his experience and the people. With an educational background in the sciences and a passion for barbecue, we foresee some new experiments coming to the menu. He’s invested in both the success of his employees and the satisfaction of our customers and we’re all excited to see him take the business to the next level.

Whitney Hutchings

Marketing Master / Boss Lady

More info coming soon…

Clyde Hill

Butcher / Head Chef
Clyde is the reason H&M Meats and Catering is in existence. He knows the ins and outs of the meat industry and we would be a little lost without him. His long time friendships and care for our customers are evident with each order/event.

Patty Hill

Shop Mom
Patty is Clyde’s better half. She is the planner and organizer in the shop and makes sure the rest of the team stays on task and on time.

Kris Taylor

Prep Cook Extraordinaire
Kris has worked for H&M Meats and Catering for most of her life and holds all the shop secrets. She could whip up a batch of potato salad with her eyes closed (but don’t worry, she won’t).

Richard Allen Barrett

Head Chef / Grill Master

More info coming soon…

Teresa Roberts

Teresa has been with us for two years now and we’re not sure how we ever functioned without her. She keeps the shop in tip top shape, does a lot of our food prep and runs catering events.

Deidra Miller

Deidra technically started working at H&M when she was 17, but she’s actually been helping her grandparents in the shop since she was a child. Over the years she’s become a jack of all trades and can do anything from cut and wrap meat to run catering events. She’s also the artist behind our beautiful meat and cheese trays!

Camille Snead

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Justine Hensley

More info coming soon…

Tyler Stanzel

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Custom made-to-order meat bundles of steaks, burgers, roasts, ribs, and more.

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