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For those who haven’t already stopped in, we’re not your average meat shop. Everything we sell is custom cut and wrapped to each customer’s specifications. When you walk through our doors you’re greeted with a smile and handed your order, as opposed to a traditional meat case. This ensures that the meat is fresh and cut just how you like it. It’s always best to call ahead when possible so we can customize your order. We typically keep tenderloin, marinated tri-tip, rib-eye and prime rib on hand since those are some of our best sellers. We also season, marinate or sauce our meats upon request at no additional charge so your meal is ready to take home and cook the way you want it.

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Custom Cuts

Stock up on your favorite cuts or just take care of tonight’s dinner! Take a look at our menu to see everything we offer, but be sure to try the tenderloin and the tri-tip; those are our favorites! All of our meats are priced per pound and are cut and hand trimmed to your specifications. We season, marinate and sauce upon request at no additional charge. You’ll never want to buy grocery store meat again!

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Meat Bundles

We’re so excited to pass some savings on to our customers through our meat bundles! There are six options to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for. Want a little bit of everything? Try our mixed bundle or the economy bundle. Love steak? Take a look at the beef bundle or choose your favorite steak box. Not a red meat fan? We have a pork or chicken bundle for you!

Locker Beef & Butchered Pork

If you have the freezer space, purchasing a half or a quarter beef is the most cost-efficient way to buy meat. Besides the cost, it’s nice knowing where your meat comes from and who is handling it before it hits your plate. Dependent on availability, we may have options for whole grass-fed, corn finished beef. If you raise your own cows, lambs, pigs, etc. we also offer a full service butchery option in which we hand cut and double wrap to your specifications.

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Meat Shop Menu


Tenderloin Fillets $12.00/lb
Tenderloin $11.50/lb
Rib-Eye $12.00/lb
New York $10.75/lb
T-Bone $9.50/lb
Sirloin $8.29/lb
Flat Iron $8.29/lb
Prime Rib $11.50/lb
Tri-Tip $8.50/lb
Cube Steak $4.89/lb
Chuck Roast $4.89/lb
Cross Rib Roast $5.89/lb
Rolled Roast $5.29/lb
Round Steak $4.99/lb
Stew Meat $4.79/lb
Lean Ground Beef $3.69/lb
Extra Lean Ground Beef $4.29/lb
1/4# Hamburger Patties $3.89/lb
Brisket $4.79/lb
Book Tripe Market
Skirt Steak Market
Suet/Fat $0.50/lb
Bones $1.00/lb


Pork Steak $2.49/lb
Pork Chops – Bone-In $3.39/lb
Pork Chops – Boneless $4.29/lb
Pork Roast $2.39/lb
Pork Leg Market
Pork Butt $2.39/lb
Pork Belly Market
Bacon $4.89/lb
Pitt Ham $3.79/lb
($3.89 sliced)
Spiral Cut Ham $2.98/lb
Suet/Fat $0.50/lb
Luau Pig (100+ Lbs) $3.00/lb
80 to 100 Lbs $3.50/lb
60 to 79 Lbs $4.00/lb
30 to 59 Lbs Market
Cook & Deliver $250
Cook Only $200


Lamb Chops Market
Ground Lamb Market


Breast $3.29/lb
Whole $1.70/lb
Feet $1.80/lb
Neck $1.79/lb
Fresh $2.09/lb
Frozen $1.79/lb
Smoked $3.35/lb
Boneless Roast $4.99/lb


Sausage $3.59/lb
Bratwurst $4.29/lb
Italian Sausage $4.29/lb
Chorizos $4.29/lb
Polish Sausage $2.89/lb
Hot Dogs $3.29/lb


Country Style Ribs $2.69/lb
Baby Back Ribs $4.89/lb
Short Ribs $3.59/lb
Spare Ribs $2.69/lb

Locker Beef

USDA – Double Wrapped
(Guaranteed Tender)

Whole or Half $3.50/lb
Front Quarter $3.25/lb
Hind Quarter $3.75/lb

Locker Pork

Whole or Half $3.00/lb
(includes curing)

Custom Cutting

Beef $0.55/lb
Pork $0.55/lb
Pork Curing $0.55/lb
Lamb $0.55/lb


90lbs Economy Bundle – $310

5lbs Sirloin Steak
5lbs Cube Steak
12lbs Chuck Roast
10lbs Ground Beef
5lbs Stew Meat
8lbs Pork Roast
5lbs Country Style Ribs
12lbs Chicken (whole)
5lbs Weiners
5lbs Sausage
5lbs Bacon
5lbs Pork Steak
8lbs Pork Chops

40lbs Pork Bundle – $120

5lbs Pork Steak
8lbs Pork Roast
5lbs Country Style Ribs
12lbs Pork Chops
5lbs Bacon
5lbs Sausage

45lbs Beef Bundle – $270

5lbs Rib-Eye Steak
5lbs T-Bone Steak
5lbs Sirloin Steak
3lbs Rolled Roast
10lbs Ground Beef
12lbs Chuck Roast
5lbs Cube Steak

45lbs Mixed Bundle – $170

10lbs Ground Beef
5lbs Sirloin Steak
5lbs Pork Chops
3lbs Pork Roast
5lbs Cube Steak
6lbs Chuck Roast
5lbs Pork Steak
6lbs Chicken (whole)

10lbs Chicken Bundle – $27

10lbs Boneless Skinless Breast



Old fashioned BBQ cooked at your event.

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