I received an email a couple of days ago with the subject line “4 more months until your wedding!” and I almost didn’t believe it. The email went on to tell me all of the things I should have checked off of my to-do list by now, which I had about a quarter of done. On the plus side, I’d marry Spencer tomorrow at the court house and be happy about it (I hope my dad isn’t reading this) so I’m glad the big day is getting closer.

A couple of things that I do have finalized include the catering menu, the venue and our photographer. The menu is really just all of my favorite things off H&M’s menu. Here’s what we’re serving:

Marinated tri-tip, cheezy potatoes, fresh fruit salad, tossed lettuce salad and rolls.

Ribeye Steak NampaCheezy-Potatoesfruit_saladTossed-Lettuce-SaladBread Rolls

Our guests will certainly be happy and well fed!

As for the venue, my parent’s are kind enough to host everything at their house outside of Nampa. They have 7 acres up on a hill with a gorgeous view and a big backyard. The ceremony will be just before sundown and they get the BEST sunsets out there. This saves us money on a venue that we can put into other fun things. My mom and I both have lots of ideas on how to decorate and capitalize on their beautiful space.

The photographer is one part of the process that I didn’t want to skimp on. A lot of people were already booked or were way over my budget, but as it turns out the very first person to respond we knew through a mutual friend. Being responsive goes a long way with me as I try to get back to people that inquire about catering ASAP. We chose Jenny Losee as our photographer and she has been wonderful! We had such a fun engagement session in McCall where Jenny found the most beautiful spot to shoot. I can’t stop looking at our photos. Here are a few favorites, though they were hard to choose:

jennyloseephotography (54 of 209)jennyloseephotography (132 of 209) (1)

jennyloseephotography (83 of 209)jennyloseephotography (50 of 209)jennyloseephotography (154 of 209)

To see more, check out Jenny’s blog on her website. And if you’re in the Boise area and need a photographer I’d definitely recommend her!


Please excuse me while I scramble to plan the rest of our wedding in less than 4 months.